Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine Review

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The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine was created to deliver a full body workout that delivers as promised. Rowing machines are designed to simulate the precise actions as if you were on the water rowing a boat. It is made from all high quality materials designed to deliver the highest level of exercise for years and years. It has allows the user the ability to select between two different levels of rowing; quick or slow. It includes a very comprehensive monitoring system that tracks things like; distance, pace, speed and calories.

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The Model D Indoor Rowing Machine from Concept2 is a high quality machine designed to deliver a full body workout. The kind of workout used by Olympic athletes, cardiac rehab patients and professional rowers. The machine can easily be setup in your home and it only needs a space four feet wide and nine feet long.

Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine Features & Specifications

  • Indoor rowing machine with sliding seat for complete total body workouts
  • Quiet flywheel minimizes noise while providing smooth feel of water rowing
  • Lets rowers choose between sleek, fast boat and slow, heavy boat
  • PM3 performance monitor tracks your distance, speed, pace, and calories
  • Requires footprint of 9 x 4 feet; 500-pound capacity; 5-year frame warranty

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It is made from only the highest quality materials like aluminum frame with stainless steel rails for the sliding seat and an ultra quiet flywheel. The concept ii  model d rowing machine also includes an ergonomic handle to provide the utmost comfort during each exercise session. The PM3 monitor system on the Model D rower keeps track of your exercise status; distance, speed, pace and calories burned during each session.

The uniqueness of this concept2 rower is found in the sliding of the seat and affect it has on your legs. The affect on your body when you slide forward and backwards on the rail it compresses and extends your leg muscles. At the same time you are pulling back and forth on the handle with your arms and using your back and abs at the same time. Altogether it makes for the perfect complete body workout.

A few other fact about the Model D rowing machine is that its sturdy design is strong enough to support weight up to 500 pounds and it was able to store the user exercise data on a log card.

Concept2 Model D Review

We discovered hundreds of reviews posted online by consumers that had purchased it online. The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine received 4.9 stars out of a possible 5.0 stars. Along with the ratings it also received a large amount of very positive comments. However, not all of the comments were positive and we did come across a few negative comments. Many of the reviewers pointed to the quality design and construction of the rower as to why they rated it 5 stars. Other reviewers liked the monitor system included on the rower and thought that it was a great feature. A few reviewers really liked the fact that it had a weight limit of 500 pounds. Click here to read more reviews.

Not all of the comments were positive and we were only able to find a few comments that would be considered negative. One reviewer was disappointed with the quality of seat cover, they thought it was very cheaply made. One other reviewer did not thing that the quality of construction was very good.

After our research of the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine we found that most everyone thoguht that it was nearly perfect and for that reason we would highly recommend it. Click here to check it out.

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Customer Reviews

Isaac Fischer November 21st, 2011 (#)

I started rowing at my gym, where they used the concept2 model D. After awhile, I found that mostly what I was doing at the gym was using the rower, so I decided to buy my own. Maybe expensive, but not really when I know that I’ll probably be using this rower for the rest of my life (I’m 40 now). It holds up really well. The concept2s at the gym are used heavily and show no signs of wear other than that the instructional stickers on the frame have been worn off.

I have put over 3,780,000 meters on mine with 488 workouts with an average time per workout of 45 minutes. It has held up beautifully with very little maintenance other than occasionally lubing the chain (which is very easy to do; I prefer to use my bike lube).

I really like that they send you the concept2 newsletter as well and it has been useful and motivating. You also become a member of this concept2 user community that is out there and you can post your stats on the web site and compete in events and stuff, though I haven’t done these things yet. It is nice to be part of the community even if you don’t really participate in it.

I like to watch TV as I row. I do have to turn up the volume fairly loud (the rower is not noisy exactly, but it can be hard to hear dialog sometimes; DVDs with no English subtitles piss me off). The sound of the rower itself is actually kind of relaxing and sounds similar to a fan being turned off and on).

This and my power-block weight set are investments I’m really happy with and I’ll be using for the rest of my life.

J. Flanders from Saratoga Springs, NY January 16th, 2012 (#)

The Concept2 Indoor Rowing Machine is the universal standard for quality rowing machines. If you want to perform this indoor exercise correctly, this is the machine to use. If you visit any high school, college, or club rowing program you will find Concept2 rowing machines are likely the only rowing machines they use.

It is good for sweep rowers and scullers, gives you lots of workout feedback, and requires very little maintenance. My model D has over 2,000,000 meters on it and neither of us show any sign of slowing down. Older, used Model A, B, and C indoor rowers still retain their value, work well, and have faithful and dedicated users.

If you’re going to purchase an indoor rower, make an investment for the long-term because this machine (or the Model E) is the only one to consider.

D. Fraser March 27th, 2012 (#)

I own the Concept 2 Model D. I purchased it last year after an exhausting field and internet search. I “casually” used it for several months until a few months ago when I became very serious about losing weight.

I now use the rower 5 to 6 times a week 30 minutes minimum- with an average of 45 minutes and occasionally (usually Saturday mornings) a 60 minute workout. I do not overdue the individual workouts, and maintain about a 23 stroke per minute rhythm.

I chose this rower for several reasons. First, the great reviews on internet websites. Secondly, I was very impressed with the sales associate. He did not try to “oversell” me, instead he convinced me that for my needs the model D was more than sufficient. Third, I was fortunate enough to try one out at a friends home gym- I was impressed. Lastly- this is a high quality machine- very sturdy and well designed.

I utilize this machine, along with a low carb diet and walking 3-4 miles 2 to 3 times a week, to lose 75 pounds! I started this – weighing in at nearly 300 pounds at 6’1″. As of now, I am down to 225 and feel great! That’s it, no magic other than consistency! If it were not for this rower, my efforts would have been much, much less successful. (I tried walking alone on previous attempts and walking by itself as the main exercise did not cut it for me for drastic weight loss.)

This rower offers a full body workout! I ordered the machine and it arrived inside of a week. The rower literally snaps together. I did call customer service with a couple questions, and they were very helpful and walked me through the set-up.

It is sturdy for big guys like me. The only maintenance I have done is an occasional wiping of light oil on the pull chain- that’s it. The machine is not so noisy that I can’t watch TV while working out. I strongly recommend this rower!

TWO YEAR UPDATE – I still use the rower and it is still in PERFECT condition! The seat is a bit softer but no wear or tear. 4 friends have purchased this rower after trying out mine. About a year ago I reached 215 pounds using the same program described above. Then, totally unrelated to the rower, I pinched a nerve in my right shoulder from an old dislocation I had as a kid. I had to stop rowing because of the discomfort. Within 6 months I gained 10 pounds and was up to 225 again.

My shoulder had healed so I tried this rower again, only this time instead of extended cardio several times a week, I incorporated the rower with Dr. Al Sears high intensity interval training, three times a week for about 12-15 minutes. All I can say is “wow”, within 6 weeks I blasted 25 pounds off with no discomfort.

The rower was perfect for his method! I also experimented with a powerlung, and used it for once a week, 10 minutes at low intensity. My lung power greatly improved. Although I have not religiously used the powerlung once a week, I try to use it whenever I am in the mood- about once every two weeks. The result has been great.

Tom from New Haven June 9th, 2012 (#)

We have had a Model C since about 2000 that I bought directly from the manufacturer. We recently added a second machine to our collection – a Model D from Amazon. My wife and I are both about 50 and this machine is by far the best way we have ever found to stay fit, so we were constantly waiting for one another to finish rowing in the morning.

The actual transaction was fine and I saved a few $$$ by getting a returned or open box item from Warehouse Deals (these items remain available for only a few hours). The Model D arrived in two days and had 0 lifetime meters on it, so I’m not sure what the discount was due to other than an ugly shipping box. As other reviewers have described, I had to adjust the screen that separates the two haves of the flywheel cover, but this is a two screw operation.

If you are nervous about the investment. There is a ridiculous market for used Concept II machines. If you row for two months and hate it – you can get 85% of the purchase price back on Craigslist and the rower will sell in three hours. Model A rowers from the 1980s still fetch $300 while used power-racks sell (eventually) for pennies on the dollar.

Why Row? I have been a lifetime runner so by this point, any serious road work leads to serious knee pain. In 30 minutes of rowing, I feel totally wiped out, my whole body is fatigued, I’m often gasping for air – about the feel of running 6, 7-8 minute miles. The big difference is that the next morning, I have no joint memory of the exercise and can jump right back on the rower.

I generally row 6 days a week and could not possible run more than 3-4 times a week and still be pain free. I have to say, I have the urge to get out of the car and promo the runners I seen limping along with knee braces: “get a Concept II and you will never run again…”.

Back Issues. You have to respect this machine. Spend a little time watching a technique video and concentrate on not bending forward. Most of all, start slow! When we got our first machine in 2000, my wife had recently slipped on some driveway ice – so she was nervous about rowing.

She took it easy, stretched, and waited for back issues to start. She is still waiting and I think she rowed 10-1000m intervals this morning. She never complains about her back any more. Certainly anecdotal – but it worked for us.

Motivation. This machine is a lot different than an exercise bike or an elliptical trainer. if you don’t work at pulling the handle, you don’t get anywhere. It’s real exercise, every time, every minute. Sometimes I feel like “I just can’t face the rower this morning”. There are two things that really help.

First the PM3 meter lets you easily program in all kind of intervals with light rowing rest periods. As a result when I don’t feel like rowing 5000m in 20 continuous and strenuous minutes, I row 3-1500m intervals with one minute light-rowing breaks inserted. Almost the same amount of exercise – but much less intimidating to start.

Second is the online community. I’m trying to row 1,500,000m this year (830km down) and I post all my times in a free online logbook at the Concept II website. The world only sees my selected best times, but I have records of everything. It’s amazing when you get to the middle of a long row at a 2:05/500m pace and think: “there is no way I want that pace on my record” and start to row harder. If you are competitive, you can also compare you best rows with people all over the world – extremely humbling at first.

So in summary – this machine is a central part of our lives now. Other than the rower, we do a little work on a Smith Machine for beach muscles and we have an inclined bench for Ab work. But mostly, we just row. I constantly try to improve my times at certain intervals, while my wife monitors her weight and how her clothes look…

The point is, we are both much healthier, don’t need to commit more than 30 minutes most days, and aren’t constantly dealing with joint pain.

S. Z. October 23rd, 2012 (#)

This is the most perfect and dependable piece of exercise equipment that I own. It’s used by the Oarsome Foursome, as well as Xeno Muller (in his workout DVD series and his rowing gym).

The Concept2 website is very informative, and has goal-oriented plans (the concept2 UK site has a bit more in this regard, oddly). The company sends a free t-shirt once you’ve rowed 1,000,000 meters (there’s a Million Meter Club) and continues to motivate you with pins and such.

I’ve never received a nagging phone call from them (like Bowflex, etc.). And does it work? Do you get fit and feel better? If you actually use it 🙂 … yes, of course you do.

However, I recommend that you get yourself a pair of neoprene padded gloves, because if you row often, you may be bothered initially by some small blisters.

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