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Features and Specifications:

  • Fashion Colors: There are 4 colors to meet your favor: black, blue, silver and rose.
  • Helpful for Children to Concentrate in Class: Balance discs are frequently used in schools or at home to assist children who find it difficult to sit still. Additionally balance training exercises have been shown to help children with dyspraxia, dyslexia and ADHD.
  • Turn any chair into your accustomed chair: Place the disc on the top of any chair or seat to as your accustomed chair. The balance disc is small and convenient to carry, it could be the home office accessories. You could take it away easily. With arteesol balance disc, you could elevate your fitness and enjoy your working or study at the same time.
  • Balance disc elevates your fitness: Sitting on the balance disc for short periods and often during the day, is the most useful and effective way to use a stability disc for improving core strength. It’s possible to slouch, so it’s important to be aware to maintain good sitting posture. What’s more. arteesol balance office chair cushion could increase fitness level without the use of heavy weights.
  • Versatile Cushion: Sometimes referred to as stability disc, balance cushion, or balance pad, arteesol balance disc is a great way to improve your core strength and stability. It can be used to recover from a lower body injury or can simply be a new fun way to workout. Sitting on an exercise disc balance cushion encourages active/ dynamic sitting.
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